Refining Process

Manufacturing process

The proposed salt refinery will adopt the Hydro-extraction type of technology which is entirely indigenous and time tested and has been much in use since last fifteen years. In this system, the following sequence of process is adopted: Raw salt - wet milling - elutriation - counter current washing - brine washing - thickening - centrifuging - drying - grading - crushing - iodizing - dosing with admixtures - packing - stacking - loading. The raw salt from various salt fields including our group salt works is brought by dumpers and unloaded directly in raw salt hopper. It is from here fed to the wet mills which crush it along with double quantity of saturated brine. The saturated brine is prepared and stored in large RCC ponds in which it is continuously rotated and fed into the washing system.

The crushed salt slurry from wet mills is fed into elutriation tanks where it purified to a large extent by jet flows of brine in reverse direction by high speed pumps. In the next step this slurry is pumped to washing tanks, static sieves, thickeners etc and finally the fully washed refined slurry is fed to centrifuge. The Centrifuge squeezes this slurry and bright white refined salt is received, while brine from it is returned to the washing system via mother liquor tanks. This salt is then fed to vibratory fluid bed driers by screw conveyors. The salt is dried by hot air generated by hot air generators and hot fluid. The dried salt is then sent to the separation section. This salt is crushed, sieved, iodized and stored in large silos.

The finished salt is then dozed with anti-caking agents and fed to automatic FFS machines. The salt here is packed in 1kg/500 gm pouches automatically. The entire system consists of SS contact parts, and food grade conveyor belts. Salt is not touched by hand and complete hygienic atmosphere is maintained.

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