Free Flow Iodised Salt


Salt is used in more than 14000 products. Salt, or sodium chloride, is a chemical compound with the formula NaCl. For every gram of salt, almost 40 percent is sodium (Na) and over 60 percent is chlorine (Cl). Salt has low toxicity and is completely non-flammable.

Other Products:

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♦ High grade Industrial Salt

♦ Low Sodium Salt

♦ Refined Salt

♦ PVD Salt

♦ Water Softner table salt

♦ Industrial salt for industries like detergent & dying etc.

Over the years, uses for salt have grown. Initially salt was a vital diet supplement and a means of food preservation. Later, it became a fundamental ingredient for the processes of tanning, dyeing and bleaching. Then, due to modern technology, salt came to be used for glazing pottery, soap-making and the early manufacturing of chlorine. It played catalyst to the success of today's chemical industry.

Salt and health
Salt is vital for our health. Not only does it perform important functions within our bodies, it also plays a key role in keeping our food safe to eat.

Sodium is one of a number of nutrients essential to the preservation of a healthy body. Knowing what to eat - and how much of it - can be a minefield. Although labels on processed food are designed to help us understand what we're eating, sometimes they can confuse us even more. In salt in food and a balanced diet, we give you some guidance and explain the difference between sodium and salt.

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